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Leadership is a

Elevate your leadership with coaching & consulting services crafted with decades of experience.


Unlock Your Potential and Overcome Barriers

Most Common Challenges

Building Relationships

Increase self awareness, team effectiveness, and your ability to advance vision and mission.


Growth & Change

Elevate your team, grow essential skills, and create more effective relationships.


Navigating Risk

Confidently lead through risk, steward relationships and communicate effectively.

Leadership Development Designed with Decades of Experience



Get ready to harness the incredible power of genuine connections. Supercharge your journey to success with coaching that's all about boosting your capacity, resilience, and tapping into your full potential.

  • Increase Presence, Influence and Impact

  • Communicate With Clarity

  • Grow a Healthy Feedback Culture

  • Improve Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Increase Psychological Safety and Trust


Training & Facilitation

Supercharge your team’s skills, engagement, and buy-in. Together, we’ll cultivate a culture of growth and improvement that drives lasting impact.

  • Cultivate Thriving Relationships

  • Increase Psychological Safety and Trust

  • Foster High Performing Thriving Teams

  • Elevate your Off-Sites & Strategy Sessions

  • Advance a Culture of Learning and Connection

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Success demands continued evolution. Let's explore

what's needed now. Together we will define goals, and craft solutions that set the stage for long-term success.

  • Communicate Effectively in Crisis

  • Navigate Transitions

  • Engage Stakeholders

  • Leverage Growth or Change

  • Evolve Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Brand

The Journey Ahead — Let’s Do This!



Start fresh by uncovering your Vision. Explore opportunities or challenges that help or hinder its advancement.


Goal Setting

Begin with the end in mind. Define success for you, your organization, and your stakeholders.



What’s needed to advance the goal? Focus on stakeholder-centered approaches that yield success.



It's time for bold action. You are engaging others, holding the vision and making it happen.



Feedback is an investment in relationships. You are seeking it and acting with a Growth Mindset.


Send Off

The only thing constant is change. What comes next? We’ll focus on sustainable integration.

Where Your Expectations Become Reality

  • Deep Understanding of Organizational Needs
    Decades of experience fuel my work with leaders and teams seeking to clarify and communicate purpose, level up skills, and drive transformative shifts in organizational strategy, structure, policy, and culture.
  • RoadMap for Setting and Reaching Goals
    Begin with the end in mind & clarify your critical path to success. Uncover what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed next. Identify and grow capacity. Map a plan with measurable impacts and objectives. Resource the plan. Expect iteration and evolution, growth and change.
  • Real World Practices and Strategies to Drive Progress
    Trust is accountability’s big sister. Building a culture of trust and psychological safety is the most powerful way to increase sustainable results and fuel innovation. Getting there requires an intentional focus on building relationships, communication skills, and a growth mindset.
  • Ongoing Feedback Loops to Optimize and Innovate
    Learn to celebrate progress. Leaders who recognize that change is the only constant know that success requires intentional evolution. We’ll identify and leverage feedback loops, engage stakeholders (team, shareholders, investors, customers), foster collaboration, and grow a healthy culture of innovation.
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Hello, I’m Laura . . . 

You’ll find me at the busy intersection of culture, strategy, and interpersonal dynamics. As a coach, consultant and catalyst for growth,

I help individuals and organizations advance through effective relationships, team coherence and focused strategy.


I bring a global perspective to my work with a multi-sector client portfolio ranging from Start-Ups thru Fortune 100s, to International NGOs, Foundations, Non-profits, and government agencies.

“Given the right environment and support almost anything is possible”

Why Work With Me

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Decades of Coaching and Consulting Experience

What I know for sure is that growth and change are the only true constants. I'll  help you THRIVE through it. That’s where the impact and the fun is.

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From Start-Up to Fortune 100, Nonprofit, NGO, & Government

With a deep understanding of leadership, culture, and strategy at various scales, I meet you where you are and help guide you towards what comes next.

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Designed to Advance Your Specific Goals

Set bold, audacious goals. I'll help you achieve them  a focused approach. This is your journey. You set the agenda
— I help you make it happen.

Wisdom. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Laura. She is deeply experienced and has led initiatives across multiple sectors and industries to increase the efficacy and impact of small and large organizations. Highly accomplished, her real point of difference is her wisdom...


CEO, Being Human

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